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Creating Renewable Cellulosic Ethanol Biofuel

May 19, 2011

As we deplete fossil fuels, it’s not possible to regenerate them, or recapture the harmful emissions they release. Tennessee farmer Brad Black discusses how his 190-year-old family farm will become part of a sustainable renewable energy pipeline that produces cellulosic ethanol from plant sugars, which will be used to help fuel automobiles.

DuPont, in partnership with Genera Energy and the University of Tennessee, is working with local farmers to produce cellulosic ethanol from switchgrass and other plants to ease dependence upon the non-renewable resource of fossil fuels.

These collaborators are working to produce a sustainable fuel for local consumers, and demonstrating a model that can be scaled for use around the world. As the technology evolves, different crops — suitable for different regions — could be used to create renewable biofuels.

Genera Energy


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