Crop Protection in Spain ׀ DuPont™ Altacor®

In 2006, farmers in Murcia, Spain were faced with a tremendous challenge: finding a solution for Tuta Absoluta, a pest that originated in South America and abruptly entered the region, destroying tomato crops and farmers’ incomes in its path.  This film illustrates how DuPont collaborated with Professor Marvelo C. Picanco from Vicosa University in Brazil, totrain farmers on how to identify and help control the pest by using DuPont™ Altacor®.

We also speak with Paco Martínez, Director of Production for fruit and vegetable producer Perichán, who explains how devastating the first invasions of this pest were to his company and fellow tomato producers and how, thanks to the collaboration, tomato producers in the Murcia region overcame the threat of Tuta Absoluta.


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