Acanto® Fungicide

Spray Acanto® early for control of Net blotch in Barley

Acanto® is one of the leading strobolurin’s in its class for control of Scald, Net blotch, Brown leaf rust and Powdery mildew in Barley.

Acanto® fungicide

DuPont™ Acanto® fungicide delivers a high level of disease control in Barley, Wheat and Triticale, including excellent control of Net blotch in Barley. Acanto® provides the flexibility to use from GS30 through to GS69.

Apply Acanto® as a preventative treatment or at first sign of disease, ideally at GS30 (beginning first node) and again at GS39 (flag leaf emergence) if conditions favour disease. Later applications can still provide beneficial disease control (up to GS69)

For good control of Net blotch in Barley, Wheat and Triticale crops and with the best chance of high yields, Acanto® is a great input.

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