Acanto® provides protection from Barley diseases

Campo de trigo

DuPont™ Acanto® fungicide helps to deal with Barley diseases in a variety of ways. Acanto® moves systemically within the xylem through the plant and moves to new growth areas that were not present at the time of spraying by diffusion. This allows Acanto® to be highly effective as the plant continues to grow and for rapid uptake of the fungicide.

Not only does Acanto® move throughout the plant as it grows but it can also move from leaf to leaf and plant to plant through vapor action. The absorbed vapor can then move systemically throughout its new plant growth to provide the same protection that it did in the previous plant. This is one way that Acanto® provides remarkable canopy cover as it develops.

These functions of Acanto® can help with higher yields and improved grain quality by protecting against Barley diseases. Acanto® can increase grain size, improve litre weight, and increase thousand-grain weight. Acanto® offers both preventative and curative activity which makes your crops healthy if they are not and keeps them healthy once they are.

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