Fontelis® Fungicide

Spray Fontelis® for control of Apple diseases

Fontelis® produces the goods when it comes to protecting your Apples

Fontelis® fungicide

DuPont™ Fontelis® fungicide provides protection, against Apple diseases, throughout flowering so your Apples blossom.

Fontelis® provides up to 10 days protection for Black spot and Powdery mildew in a protectant program.

Resistant to rain and wash-off, one hour after application Fontelis® gives you added application flexibility.

Fontelis®, a FRAC Group 7 (SDHI) fungicide, has minimal effect on key beneficial species making Fontelis® an ideal fit into Integrated Fruit Production (IFP).

Fontelis® protection against Apple diseases provides the start Apples need to bloom into pack outs which make you proud.

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