Kocide® Opti™ Fungicide / Bactericide

Kocide® Opti™ protection against Psa in Kiwifruit

Get better protection and a greener footprint, with less applied copper with Kocide® Opti™

Kocide® Opti™ fungicide

More protection using less copper with DuPont™ Kocide® Opti™ fungicide – protecting against Psa in Kiwifruit and a wide range of diseases in many fruit and vegetable crops.
More than 30 years of DuPont R&D have produced vast improvements in copper fungicide mixing, handling and spraying. A steady reduction in the amount of applied elemental copper has been another.

Kocide® Opti™ reduces by a further 50%, the amount of elemental copper applied, without compromising all the mixing, handling and spraying benefits achieved in previous formulations. Kocide® Opti™ is not only better to mix and apply, less applied copper has less environmental impact.

Kocide® Opti™ continues to provide consistent and trusted control of a range of fungal diseases, and suppression of Psa in Kiwifruit when used as part of a PSA management program.

Use Kocide® Opti™ for less applied copper and fewer hassles during mixing and spraying for protection from fungal and bacterial diseases in many fruit and vegetable crops, and for Psa in kiwifruit.

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