Talendo® for effective Powdery mildew control

Talendo® fungicide
Talendo® fungicide

DuPont™ Talendo® fungicide provides superior Powdery mildew control in Apples, Grapes, and Cucurbits. Talendo® can stop the spores from germinating, or prevent any appressorium or germ tube formation. The fungus is unable to penetrate the plant and the infection stops. Either way, Talendo® provides effective Powdery mildew control.

Talendo® also helps to reduce the spread of existing diseases within crops. Spores that come into contact with Talendo® will become infertile which helps with Powdery mildew control.

Talendo® will not eradicate existing fungal growth, however spores exposed to Talendo® will be rendered infertile preventing further infection. Talendo® should only be used as a protectant (pre-infection) fungicide.

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