Curzate® maximises Late blight control in Potatoes

Curzate® fungicide

DuPont™ Curzate® fungicide gives strong protection from Late blight control in Potatoes.

Curzate® has a robust three way disease control system to protect your crops.Curzate® has a preventative action to stop spores from germinating when an infection period begins, curative action which stops the establishment of lesions, and an inhibitive action which inhibits lesion development and sporulation which stops the spread of disease in the fields.

Curzate® is easy to use, as the granules are water dispersible. This allows for easy application to your fields, resulting in better Late blight control. Curzate® also has a flexible application timing and it can be used at any stage of your crop development. Curzate® has a low use rate, reducing the amount needed to use and to transport. 

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