Lannate® L Insecticide

Lannate® L providing control of Aphids in Strawberries

Lannate® L offers broad spectrum insect control in vegetable and fruit crops.

DuPont™ Lannate® L insecticide is a very fast acting with insect pests controlled within minutes of application. When insects are damaging valuable crops, immediate control is needed and Lannate® L has an ideal fit.

Lannate® L has a label claim in New Zealand for use on 15 different crops ranging from Beans to Tomatoes for the control of many Caterpillars, Aphids and Whiteflies for both field and glasshouse crops, including Aphids in Strawberries.

Lannate® L is a contact and stomach poison which is effective on multiple life stages from eggs, nymphs, larvae through to adults pests. Pests such as Aphids in Strawberries are controlled quickly and effectively with Lannate® L.

Due to its different mode of action Lannate® L is a very important tool in resistance management programmes.

Lannate® L is rainfast on leaves once dried and has very short withholding periods for registered crops with pre-harvest intervals ranging from 2 – 7 days depending on crop.

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