Zorvec® Enicade® Fungicide

Realise Unmatched Consistency and Control of Downy mildew in Bulb onions

DuPont™ Zorvec® Enicade® fungicide will provide New Zealand Bulb onion growers with an unmatched combination of consistency and long lasting control of Downy mildew.

Zorvec® Enicade® should be used in preventative spray programs in rotation with other approved fungicides. 

The launch of Zorvec® Enicade® in New Zealand is timely because Onion producers are looking for a new tool to assist in Downy mildew control. The active ingredient oxathiapiprolin has a new mode of action (MOA) that is effective against all strains of target pathogens.

Zorvec® Enicade® affects multiple stages of the pathogen’s life cycle for better efficacy, efficiency and length of control. It is also able to move systemically in plants to protect treated leaves as they grow and expand, and new leaves as they emerge and grow.

To get the most from Zorvec® Enicade® target the early, rapid growth phases of crops to protect emerging leaves.

In positioning trials conducted in Onion sover recent seasons, the best results have been when Zorvec® Enicade® is used early in the program.  This is often when conditions are conducive to Downy mildew so it is the ideal option for growers.

Wet weather is conducive to Downy mildew and can be a challenging time to apply fungicide and have it work effectively. Zorvec® Enicade® is able to rapidly penetrate the leaf surface of plants and may not be washed off by rain as little as twenty minutes after the spray residue dries on the leaves.

This Changes Everything

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DuPont™ Zorvec® Enicade® fungicide has arrived.

Scientists and agronomists have described the technology as a game-changer, and a once-in-a-lifetime chemistry. This short video features commentary from those involved in the development and trialing of Zorvec® Enicade® globally and in New Zealand


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