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Kalrez® Slabs and Sheets

Slabs and Sheets
Kalrez® Slabs and Sheets

Kalrez® slabs and sheets are available in a variety of standard sizes and thicknesses.  Other sizes are available upon request.  A wide variety of compounds are available, providing many options to use Kalrez® as a flexible sealing solution.

Kalrez® slabs and sheets are often used to produce simple two dimensional shapes such as disks, washers, flat gaskets, etc.

Standard Sizes Available:

76.2 x 76.2 mm [3x3 in], 152.4 x 152.4 mm [6x6 in], & 304.8 x 304.8 mm [12x12 in]

Thicknesses Available:

0.51 mm [0.020 in], 0.76 mm [0.030 in], 1.02 mm [0.040 in], 1.27 mm [0.050 in], 1.52 mm [0.06 in], 1.78 mm [0.070 in], 2.03 mm [0.080 in], 2.29 mm [0.090 in], 2.79 mm [0.110 in], 3.18 mm [0.125 in]