Map of COE Locations & Capabilities


Our Kalrez® and Vespel® Centers of Excellence (COE) are supported by a global network to provide the best integrated customer support

  • Akron, OH (US) – World class sealing characterization after fluid and temperature exposure
  • Experimental Station, DE (US) – Fundamental polymer/compounding and specialized technology
  • Hsinchu (Taiwan) - Semicon applications testing, beta testing
  • Meyrin (Switzerland) – Develop new technology and applications for regional support,  dynamic wear and friction tests, rapid gas decompression characterization
  • Newark, DE  (US) – Friction testing and evaluation capabilities
  • Utsunomiya (Japan ) – Semicon applications testing, beverage flavor/odor testing, wear and friction support for Asia Pacific
  • Valley View, OH (US) - Material characterization, wear and friction testing, and accelerated thermal life testing