Fluid and Material Handling Application Testing


Conditions vary greatly from oil and gas to beverage filling, but the need for safety and reliability is universal.

Steam Cycling Test Rig

Rapid Gas Deompression Test Rig

The Fluid and Material Handling Application Testing Center of Excellence (COE) is inspired by the belief that science and inclusive innovation are at the heart of solving our customers’ toughest sealing, wear and friction challenges.   

Using applications-based technology, the goal of this COE is to partner with our customers to

  • Improve part performance.
  • Increase safety, reliability, and MTBF (mean time between failure), and
  • Lower overall system cost.

Our Focus

  • Valves (Seals, Seats, etc.)
  • Mechanical Seals (Seals, Seal Faces, etc.)
  • Pumps (Seals, Wear Rings, Bushings, etc.)
  • Beverage Filling Applications

The center’s vision is to tie our considerable material science and predictive test capability into customer needs in a collaborative way that provides ‘world class’, science based, innovative solutions to our customers toughest application challenges.