Latest Grades of Delrin® Acetal

The various grades of DuPont™ Delrin® acetal homopolymer resins offer levels and combinations of performance, molding productivity and design flexibility. Current features include low emission homopolymer grades, medium-high viscosity acetals, grades with food contact compliance, and grades for healthcare applications.

Medium-high viscosity grades offer excellent creep and fatigue resistance

Delrin® 300CP NC010 offers high tensile and impact strength and excellent creep and fatigue resistance. Delrin® 300CP is available in natural and a fully compounded black formulation which retains the high impact strength and toughness of the natural.

Low emission homopolymers offer high strength and stiffness

The Delrin® product line offers a complete range of acetal homopolymer with very low VOC emissions for interior automotive applications. The very low emission package is available on our standard high productivity/performance grades, toughened grades, and UV-resistant grades.  Delrin® 100PE, 300PE, 500PE offer the same high mechanical performance as the standard high performance grades of Delrin® (Delrin® 100P, 300CP, and 500P), including excellent creep and fatigue resistance.

The very low emission toughened grades (Delrin® 100STE, 100TE, 300TE, and 500TE) offer a finer-tuned viscosity range over the standard toughened grades (Delrin® 100ST, 100T, and 500T), with the availability of the Delrin® 300TE.  Delrin® 300TE provides an option for a combination of higher flow and higher impact resistance in a low emissions package.

Recently launched are various UV resistant grades with the added feature of very low emissions and are available in natural and a custom red color:  Delrin® 127UVE, 327UVE, and 527UVE.

Food grade offerings include standard unreinforced grades and specialty designed grades

Several grades of Delrin® have been introduced and are designed to meet market needs for food contact applications.  The food grades offer compliance with several regional regulations for the food industry. Two recent specialty food grade offerings are the Metal Detectable Delrin® FG400MTD BLA079 and the X-Ray Detectable Delrin® FG400XRD NC010.

Materials for Healthcare components

There are a variety of Delrin® grades for Healthcare applications, such as for medical devices.