Food Contact Materials

Adding Food Contact Materials to the Menu

DuPont FG grade plastics combine durability, finish quality and cost efficiency with food contact adherence.

Because they can touch what we eat or drink, food contact materials must adhere to a variety of regulatory requirements.  

DuPont food contact materials address regulatory requirements and customer production needs, with a portfolio of polymers used in products from conveyors to processing equipment, and packaging to home appliances.

Find The Right Fit

DuPont offers one of the industry’s most extensive engineering thermoplastic portfolio of food contact materials, which adhere to FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and European Food Contact regulations.

From low-friction materials for conveyor belt parts to temperature-resistant resins and parts for food processors, DuPont experts around the world can support you as you consider the most appropriate candidates for your applications. The DuPont FG portfolio includes:

The DuPont FG portfolio is continuing to grow, as specialty products are developed in collaboration with designers, part makers and product manufacturers.

Replacing Metal Parts in a Food Dispenser

DuPont™ Delrin® acetal resins can be used to replace metal in automated food processing equipment, with the potential to produce lighter, lower-cost and corrosion-resistant components.

For applications where metal detectability is required, Delrin® FG400MTD is made with a proprietary metal filler, so it can be detected by most metal-sensing equipment.

This enabled its use in new applications, including food hoppers that dispense “sticky” food products. Its low-friction properties make it an ideal material for improving the speed at which high-adhesion foods can be fed through a processor. Delrin® FG400MTD is also chemically resistant to washes in acids and alkaline mixtures, which are typically used as part of the equipment cleaning process.

Resisting Heat and Moisture in a Coffeemaker

DuPontTM Zytel® HTN high-performance polyamide resin can stand up to heat, and provides good dimensional stability and durability. It’s an attractive and cost-effective alternative to aluminum or other materials for food and drink applications.

When it was selected for use in an injection-molded coffee pot, the low materials cost was only part of the reason it was selected by the manufacturer. Using Zytel® HTN also helped streamline the production process to just 10 steps, compared to the 17 required for an aluminum pot.

Making Conveyors Lightweight and Long-Lasting

DuPontTM Crastin®, Delrin® and Zytel® have all been tested for use in patented lightweight conveyor chain links. Using DuPont polymers, the light-weight chains can be up to 40 percent lighter than comparable metal chains, reducing power demands, and can also operate quietly, lubricant-free and with less maintenance over long periods.

These new chains are increasing consideration by manufacturers of  new opportunities to use polymer chains in more complex applications, developed in collaboration with DuPont and outside engineers, as well as manufacturers.

FDA Compliant Seals

In sealing applications for food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing, where cleanliness is critical, PTFE has been the material of choice. However, PTFE can creep and cold flow, which can lead to a loss of sealing functionality. Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer parts offer FDA-compliant seals that have elastomeric properties and sealing capabilities. Kalrez® parts for life science applications provide superior chemical resistance and low contamination from extractables. The parts are especially suited for Water For Injection (WFI) systems, Steam-in-Place (SIP) cleaning and other critical systems.