Innovative Furniture Design

Strength, Finish and Flexibility Support Innovative Furniture Design

DuPont supplies a wide range of materials and development support for innovative, ergonomic furniture designs.

Aeron™ Chair

An innovative furniture design can’t make its mark if it can’t be made. DuPont scientists work with customers to help them achieve the best match between product specifications and manufacturing and materials choices.

Polymers and Processes Work Together

Working with designers, DuPont material science resources to help them specify the DuPont polymers that are most appropriate for the design, and any refinements that will make production more efficient, or cost-effective. We can also recommend DuPont renewable and sustainable plastics that can help create an important point of difference in the market.

Enabling Innovation: The Aeron™ Chair

The innovative Aeron™ chair from Herman Miller, Inc. provides an example of DuPont collaboration at work.

The Aeron™ chair is made with color-stable DuPont Rynite® PET thermoplastic polyester resin for the frame, and DuPont™ Hytrel® thermoplastic polyester elastomer in the fabric for the back and seat.

Rynite® for Fit and Finish

Panels of elastic fabric made with DuPont fibers are suspended in a one-piece seat and back, on a frame made from injection-molded Rynite®.

The strength and stiffness of Rynite® allows for design flexibility, making slim lines and curves both possible and durable. The frame also incorporates integrally molded grooves and screw holes to attach the fabric panels, so no drilling or other assembly is required.

Rynite® enables excellent as-molded surfaces that don’t need painting or additional finishing, thanks to their uniform color and consistent texture, which saves steps in manufacturing and helps reduce materials costs.

Hytrel® for Lasting Comfort

The elastic fabric seat and back for the chair incorporates DuPont™ Hytrel®. The flexible fibers are stretched bi-directionally for optimum body weight distribution. Their strength supports an open weave, to keep users cool and comfortable. Overall, the durability and flexibility of both Rynite® and Hytrel® contribute to longer life for Aeron® chairs, and advanced ergonomic support for the people who use them.



Aeron™ is a trademark of the Herman Miller Inc.